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Why the process of self-connection is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

If you have ever wanted to complete a jigsaw puzzle, you will know that when you start a new one, it comes in many pieces, sometimes thousands of pieces! And it is only when you slowly start to put the pieces together, that the picture starts to appear. In fact sometimes you can stare at a piece for what seems like hours, and have no clue where it fits until you slot it in and ta daaa…… all becomes so clear, that you wonder how you didn’t see it in the first place!!??

And just like committing the time and energy to a jigsaw over a few days, weeks and sometimes months (sometimes years!), healing is the same, because it is a process that you will come back to frequently, through your lifetime, and each time you will discover and add a new piece to your puzzle. With each new piece, the bigger picture gets clearer.

In my opinion, it begins with a conscious desire to lift the lid on the box and start sorting through the pieces, which will enable you to get to know yourself better, understand why you move through your world in the way you do, where your beliefs and associated behaviours originated from and how you can detach yourself from outdated beliefs and events that no longer serve you.

But, just like putting a jigsaw together, sometimes the process can be a frustrating, even painful at times. It can be messy and uncomfortable, and if you are anything like me, there will be some days that you just want to put it all back in the box, sellotape the lid up and put it in a dark cupboard under the stairs!

As with all things, where there is dark, you will find light and these are the days where the discoveries are enlightening, satisfying and often emotional, as you are filled with a sense of lightness and inner peace as you start to connect with the picture that is forming right in front of you very eyes.

Which leads me beautifully to share Disconnect to Reconnect with you, as my intention for this one-day event, is to give the women in attendance, the opportunity to either begin or continue this beautiful process.

Alongside me, will be six incredible, experienced women, sharing golden nuggets of wisdom throughout the day, who I know are going to leave a lasting impression on those that join us. The day will be filled with aha, light bulb moments, and my promise to those that make the commitment to themselves and join us, is that they will leave with a piece of their jigsaw that day, which will support them as they continue to build out their unique and beautiful picture.

I would be overjoyed to have you join us, please gift yourself a day of self-discovery and book your ticket today, by following the link here

Steph xx


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