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Speaking Opportunities

I am Steph Grainger, Therapeutic Mentor, and I have been supporting women since 2010, to reconnect to all that they are and desire to be, by walking beside them as they turn their pain into power, embrace all of their truths and live a free, authentic life.

I consider myself a Sherpa, well versed in what may come as a result of change, and whilst my clients are the ones bravely facing all that they need to in order to make the changes they desire, I am guiding them on a path I have walked before and can navigate with subjectivity and with a different perspective.

I do this by using a powerful set of life transforming interventions and techniques, namely NLP, Core Transformation and Hypnotherapy, to support my clients in understanding, breaking down and resolving the things they think, do, and say, in order to change perception, improve my client’s life and ultimately support them to live the life they desire.

I have a powerful message to share of creating change in order to embrace all of the experiences that have been shown to us and ultimately live an aligned life.


Expert Areas 


• Understanding beliefs and behaviours

• Creating strong boundaries

• Limiting beliefs

• Moving through trauma

• My personal story of grief

• Healing from Relationship breakdown

• Effective communication

• Learning and growing through all of our experiences

• Inner child healing

My voice is one of my superpowers and I am confident that I make a difference when I share my story, knowledge, and wisdom. And with connection as one of my key values, I would absolutely love to collaborate with other like-minded business/organisations, so if you feel I would be the right fit for you, I would love to hear from you.

Three years ago, my 20-year marriage ended abruptly and facing a new chapter raising my two (difficult at times) teenage children that were testing the boundaries regularly completely tipped me over the edge.


Steph was recommended by a friend and from the moment I saw her kind eyes and stepped into her calming room I felt like a weight had been lifted.


Steph and her amazing skills have put me back together, and the benefits of returning back to her safety nest for regular refresher sessions have been incredibly rewarding in every aspect of my life.

I will never forget the efforts this wonderful human put into putting me back together and would recommend my magician mentor to anyone with or without troubles.


My relationships, in all areas of my life, have moved on in such a positive way, my business grew almost instantly, and I feel strong

Emma - Bishops Stratford

AP August Social Media  (3).png

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