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Menopause! What I wish I had been told 20 years ago.

Updated: Apr 8

Change is the only constant in life, whether we like it or not, and as women that can come in the form of the Menopause. In the latest episode of my podcast, 'Just for Today,' I delve into the emotional turbulence that accompanies this natural life transition, in the hope that it offers solace and empowerment to women everywhere.

Perimenopause is often shrouded in silence, and I want to breakdown that barrier with my own personal experience and shock of a disrupted cycle, the grief of saying goodbye to a familiar part of oneself, and the strength found in embracing change. My story is less about the physical symptoms and more an in-depth exploration of identity, womanhood, and the passage of time.

As with all my episodes, I want to ensure that my listeners feel less alone in their experiences and discuss a topic that many may shy away from. This episode is more than a personal account; it's a toolkit for navigating life's unpredictability, as I share tangible tools for living in the present and the importance of feeling our emotions to heal and grow. My message is clear: life's transitions, though challenging, are opportunities for profound personal development.

Whether you're approaching menopause, in the thick of it, or simply interested in understanding this phase of life, this week’s episode of the podcast is an invitation to listen, learn, and find community. This episode a must-listen for anyone seeking insight into the beauty and complexity of change.

So, if you're looking for a dose of inspiration or a moment of connection, tune in to 'Just for Today.' Let me guide you through the nuances of perimenopause and beyond, reminding us that every chapter, no matter how daunting, holds the promise of growth and renewal.

Click here to listen to this weeks episode on Apple, or click here to find it where you listen to your podcasts


Steph xx

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