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I nearly lost my Sh*t this week!

Hey Hey!

OMFG I was on the verge of a panic attack this week, and I managed to prevent it in a matter of minutes, and I would love to share with you just how I did it.

I had to go for an MRI for an ongoing issue I am experiencing with my back, and whilst I have experienced one around 6 years ago, my mind had totally blocked out just how small that tunnel is, and when I walked into the room and saw it, I started to hyperventilate.....I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, my breathing got very shallow and my inner protector was telling me to get the hell out of that place PRONTO!

However, consciously I wanted this procedure because it will give me answers that I have waited a long time for, so I proceeded to get into position, put on my eye mask and the headphones that are provided (that play music of your choice ish 😉) gave a thumbs up and felt the bed moving and taking me into the tunnel.

Now this is the moment where I had two options, as far as I was concerned:

1. Allow my unconscious mind to take the driving seat and continue to experience fight or flight symptoms, which lets be honest are really uncomfortable and have quite the lasting effect.


2. Take control of the situation, work WITH my inner protector (unconscious) and calm myself the fuck down!

I took option 2, and whilst I wont say that was the easy option mindset wise, in fact it took a lot of work, it meant I stayed calm, the time past a lot quicker and made the whole experience a lot easier.

So let me tell you what I did.

❤️ I firstly reassured every part of me that was afraid, that we were safe, this moment is not permanent and we will be so proud of ourselves when we have completed it.

❤️ I used all of my sense to take me to a different place in my head, a place that evoked calmness and relaxation to me. I went to the poolside of the villa I recently stayed in, in Dubai. A place that represents and reminds me of my own power and strength. 

  • I smelt what I could smell

  • I heard what I could hear (the music in my ears was no longer coming from the headphones, but the bar close to the villa on the beach). I also heard the voices of the amazing ladies I was on this trip with.

  • I felt the warm sea breeze on my skin 

  • I could see the sea, the ripples on the pool, and the women I was surrounded with.

  • And I could taste the yummy breakfast that I ate every morning.

All of this instantly calmed my nervous system, and I actually found myself singing along to the music. You see our unconscious isn't logical, it works on images and associated emotions, so by intentionally taking myself there consciously, the unconscious responded and triggered the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest and relaxation) as apposed to the sympathetic (fight or flight).

Again, I will reiterate that this took continuity and persistence to reassure my unconscious, because she was putting up a good fight for a good old panic attack, but the more I reassured her and took her to that swimming pool by the sea, she slowly let down her defenses, and before we knew it, I heard a voice come through my headphones say 'All done, coming to get you out' .

Having the knowledge of why my body was reacting in the way it did, meant I could work with it instead of fighting it, which I am sure you will agree, is so much better for us.

This is also one of the main reasons I have the amazing Nicole Child joining me as a speaker at the upcoming event 'Disconnect To Reconnect'.

Nicole is a clinical Hypnotherapist and will be sharing her knowledge and skills on the neuroscience on anxiety and most importantly how to navigate life when having an anxious moment.

You really wont want to miss this, Nicole is incredible! 

With only a handful of tickets left and a matter of days until ticket sales close (Sunday 28th April 2024), click here to get your ticket before it is too late.

We really do have the power to move through these life events in a way that is much more aligned with the life yo wish to live.

Steph xx

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